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“Je suis très méchant”, in English “I am very mean”, is a pamphlet written in 1973 by Ettore Sottsass Jr., an Italian designer. He wrote about how he felt judged and criticised at the time, as a designer. He explains that people are accusing designers to be part of capitalism, to work for the state in a consumption and production manner. People are telling him that art is no longer for the sake of the population.

He completely refutes that image of designers, and in a quite exagerated and engaged way, compares himself to a monster, and a misunderstood soldier.

Our subject was to create posters with his pamphlet. We had to cut the text in paragraphs in order to make a poster for each paragraph. Here are 2 of them I have created.

I chose red, black and white for the colours, to emphasize the political, engaged, and violent side of the text.