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For this project we had to hand back a very complete marketing file with moodboards, targeting plans, analysing competitors on social media, coming up with ideas of pop-up stores, and examining the cosmetic industry and Maybelline New York’s biggest competitors.


Maybelline Nature is a project made during my semester at Pratt Institute New-York, in my Marketing and Communication course.

The idea was to revisit a brand of our choice, by proposing a new marketing strategy. I chose Maybelline New-York, finding their values and visuals a bit outdated next to their competitors.

I therefore created a new Maybelline make-up line called Maybelline Nature (without replacing the actual one but suggesting a separate make-up line). Maybelline Nature is a cruelty-free make-up line made of only natural ingredients. Natural and transparent brands are very trendy in the cosmetic industry, as people are increasingly aware of the dangers of chemicals for us and our environment. That is why I created a new Logo, a new base-line, a new packaging line and visuals to bring Maybelline back in the competition !