ACT Responsible is an association that compiles each year the best advertisements for good, created for associations, foundations and institutions by the advertising community. ACT also has many other initiatives to raise awareness on social and environmental issues around the world. Created in 2001 to support the heroes and victims of the well known terrorist attack on the twin towers, it has today become a meeting point for big advertising agencies to raise awareness, promote and educate on important matters of our times : Human Rights, Environment, Health, Education…

In order to structure all these initiatives and gatherings, but also have a large impact and audience, ACT needs a strong identity, and a dynamic digital presence.


That is where us E-artsup students step in. In this video, we tell the story of a « match » between ACT and the students, that each year take turns to help ACT shine and raise its voice throughout many graphic creations for its visual identity. To sum up, it’s the perfect match : A pact, for a good impact.

This project was created by a team of 4 Students : 
Morgane Prottengeier & Stephane Labrousse (Art Directors), Yolaine Bourreau (Art Director & Motion designer), and myself. We all participated in the Art Direction and graphic production, while Yolaine made the visuals come to life.